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Safeguarding the environment and sensitivity to the issue of renewable energies are main concerns within Ricolfi’s Company policy and strategy for research and development. As a matter of fact particular attention is paid to reduce of CO2 emissions.

The Company recognizes that Nature is everyone’s heritage and aims at making each individual responsible of taking care of it. Environmental protection is not looked at as an obstacle but as a business opportunity by developing modern concepts of sustainability. In this context since March 17 th , 2009 Ricolfi relies on its photovoltaic system for the production of electric energy that satisfies more than the 100% of the energy needs of their warehouse and offices in Campania. The equipment and the machinery used for cargo handling purposes are all battery powered.

Ricolfi is oriented in using natural resources cleverly and with sense of responsibility for the welfare of people and therefore the company complies with all external and internal rules governing waste collection destined to recycling.